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Oh right, I have a Newgrounds account. I forgot that pretty quick.

Ok, let's get to talking about Starbound. From what I can tell, Starbound is the only game actually developed by Chucklefish themselves. The rest of their games are just published by them. Starbound as it stands, is super lacking to me. Like, it has the framework for something really neat, but it just doesn't have it. It doesn't have nearly enough real content. It seems Chucklefish has decided to extend the playtime of a game, simply copy and paste the same things over and over again, without stopping. The actual real content is too difficult to make a time consuming it seems for them, the story missions really show how much they rushed things. There is no Novakid mission, and the final race mission is just an arena with enemy spam. They really like spamming enemies. Honestly, I think the best mission in the game is the Floran one due to multiple routes and overall being pretty decent. However, starting a new playthrough of Starbound is super boring and painful. It makes you play the story missions and...oh boy, the scanning missions. Before every story mission, the game makes you go from planet to planet scanning objects based around the next alien race. Nobody likes these missions. They are pointless padding. Also going from planet to planet makes you realize how boring the planets themselves are. They are pretty copy and paste. There's nothing super special about each of the planet types except for the artificial difficulty. Yay, artifical difficulty in the form of enemies with more hp and more damage output! HOW FUN. Enemies in general are just boring. The walk towards you and attack, or use one of the very few weapons against you. They also lag a lot. Like, a lot. Starbound's engine is honestly garbage. I'd go as far to say worse than the engine Bethesda has been using for the last 20-something years. A lot of people say Starbound's multiplayer is the best part, which I can't really say much on since the game was pretty much unplayable online for me. The lag was insane making it downright unplayable. Terraria runs 10 times better than Starbound, and looks better.

The actual main cast is as 1-dimensional as you can get, I'd even say they are 0.5-dimensional, they are THAT uncreative and boring. They have one defining trait, and that's it. Honestly the best story in the game were codexes. Short notes written by characters you'd never see were more interesting than the main plot. Oh and about that plot, giant eldritch hentai monster destroys earth, go kill it before it destroys the rest of the universe, but you know, no rush. Seriously, the universe is gonna be destroyed, but you're gonna have me scan a a bunch of furniture beforehand. The game is honestly much better with mods, and a ton of other people look to think so too, since I rarely see people playing the vanilla game. It's pretty much Skyrim-syndrome. The base game is nothing but a base for tons of mods that can make the game actually good.

I bought back it when it was still in early access, I can't remember exactly when, if I had to take a guess...maybe 2014 or so? I expected quite a bit to be added over time, but nothing really did. The stuff that got added was either the rest of the story missions or stuff that doesn't really effect the main gameplay. Novakids really got the short end of the stick as they didn't even have villages still when the game got to 1.0, which makes me think Chucklefish was just tired of the game and didn't want to keep working on it, or they are so incompetent they forgot. Starbound is still not that great. The space mech exploration thing only gets you upgrades for the space mech so you can get more upgrades for the space mech, and the space station is pretty much just another option for base making. The end-game dungeon is also just there to give you the terraformers and some stronger weapons, but you've already beaten the game so...what's the point? You're already probably strong enough to one shot most enemies on the average planet. Starbound is not designed well in the slightest, and I can't recommend it to anyone, really. It's a shame, the game showed a lot of potential.


As always, excuse typos, I'm still getting used to writing long things this and I tend to think faster than I can type. I'm also tired right now so, that doesn't help either. Anyway, thanks for reading! Hopefully you at least got the general idea, I think I could have written this better, but...yeah. Have a good day and/or night!

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